Consulting - design - production of brass extrusion and brass casting

Copper Casting - Custom Copper Extrusion

Highest quality and precision

Committed to providing customers with durable, attractive and reliable brass metal products to increase value

Product response

With many years of experience and a team of leading engineers and experts, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet all needs from the simplest to the most complex with the highest quality and accuracy.

Diverse Product Categories

With more than 1,000 available shaped brass bar models, we are confident that we can quickly provide products that suit your needs, without having to wait long.

In addition, we immediately provide customized products and solutions according to customer requirements.

Guaranteed Quality

Product quality is a top priority at Thuan Thanh Dat. All products are manufactured according to international quality standards, ensuring the highest durability and performance.

Competitive price

We always strive to offer the most competitive prices on the market, not only reducing costs for our customers but also ensuring the best value for their money.

Excellent Customer Service

At Thuan Thanh Dat, we value customer experience. Our customer care team is always happy to assist you, from product consultation to resolving all questions.